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Wish List of Items Needed

The following items needed at the DIR operations in Chandigarh. Anyone who can supply please contact the DIR CEO in India or in the US here. Thanks!
   1. Music System
   2. Volley ball Poles
   3. Chairs with desks
   4. Sewing Machines
   5. Old Computers
   6. Buckets
   7. Pen drives (a/k/a USB flash drives)
   8. Color Printers
   9. Stationary (Rim, pens, pencils, files, notebooks for SWAD)
  10. Monitors
  11. Weighing Scales
  12. BP Instruments
  13. Laptops
  14. Steel Trays for Basti
  15. Projector
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  1. Kirti Singh #

    I’m Dr Kirti Singh. I want to do some purposeful work in the healthcare field. I believe in your approach of making the community self sustainable by education and guidance. In case you are looking for a doctor for your projects, please contact.

    April 8, 2019

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