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About DIR

Equipped with adequate knowledge, I believe that every man, woman and child – in any community – can become an agent of social change.

— Dr. Frederick Shaw, Founder & Ex-CEO
Developing Indigenous Resources (DIR)

Working in regions of great need, Developing Indigenous Resources (DIR)* provides situation-relevant training to local residents, and challenges each learner to become a community educator.

By promoting health, providing education and facilitating income generation – DIR quickly facilitates tangible improvements in daily life for individuals and their communities.

Stepping in when the need is great…
The value of DIR’s model is evident in Naya Gaon (New Town), a slum of 16,000 people on the edge of Chandigarh (India), where the local residents have led the following achievements since 2005:

  • Malnutrition of children under 5 years plummeted from 87% to less than 20%, and immunisation rates surpass the national average.
  • Pregnant women receive pre- and post-natal care, and most now choose to deliver at the nearby state hospital.
  • Young slum children attending DIR’s School with a Difference regularly receive scholarships to private schools in the city.
  • Through micro-credit and skills development, DIR has created income opportunities for women in the slum, thereby facilitating improved care of young children.

Stepping away when the time is right
As it becomes clear that the indigenous resources developed will sustain future social and economic progress, DIR reduces activities in one location and transfers its efforts to another, more needy community.

* DIR is a charitable, non-profit corporation incorporated in the State of California. It has no political or religious affiliations or activities. Recognized by the US Treasury Department under 501(c)3, DIR may issue receipts for contributions that are deductible for tax purposes. The Government of India also allows tax deductions for donations made to support DIR.