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DIR Staff


Each morning, DIR Health Promoters start the day by practicing yoga together. It is a chance to put some distance between their daily lives in the basti and their work as community leaders and agents of change.

The full complement of DIR Staff typically comprises a physician, a nutritionist and an administrator, fully qualified professionals who together oversee the training and management of the team of Health Promoters (HPs). DIR recruits HPs from within the community it works in, thereby ensuring that the staff brings local knowledge into DIR and that community relationships and trust are already in place.

DIR takes care to engage individuals who reflect the cultural diversity of the communities in which it works.

DIR Staff November 2013

Name Date Joined Current Position
Veena Rani 12.2005 Senior Health Promoter
Maya o3.2006 Senior Health Promoter
Meena Kumari 04.2007 Senior Health Promoter
Sangeeta Rawat 04.2007 Health Promoter
Sarita Semwal 07.2009 Health Promoter
Sunita Mukhiya 06.2011 Health Promoter
Sanjeev 02.2006 Health Promoter
Lata Guswami 06.2008 Health Promoter
Banita Rawat 06.2008 Health Promoter
Meenakshi Negi 12.2008 Health Promoter
Urmila Devi 12.2012 Health Promoter
Dhruva Kumari 11.2012 Health Promoter
Suman 11.2012 Health Promoter
Sushma Bisht 04.2007 Health Promoter
Sunil Vidla 12.2005 Property Manager
Mrs. Natasha Sharma 07.2009 Nutritionist/Administrator
Miss Tavleen Kaur 10.2013 Physician
Ravi 08.2013 Driver/Teacher’s Assistant
Mr. Madan Paul 10.2013 Driver
Mrs. Reena Paul 08.2013 Teacher
Mrs. Meenakshi Chauhan 04.2010 Teacher
Mrs. Manjeet Kaur 04.2008 Teacher
Hemanti 08.2010 Maid
Sona 11.2013 Stitching Teacher