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Host an Exhibit/Event

DIR welcomes offers by individuals who wish to assist in raising awareness of our work by hosting events, big or small, in any location.

Two popular options, which have been highly successful for fundraising, include:

  • Organizing a DIR product sale. Whether with a community group, as a corporate event or simply in a public space, the products sewn by women living in Janta Colony are popular among old and young alike. Organizers are expected to pre-order and pay for products (allowing sufficient time for delivery), liaise with relevant people at the event venue, undertake marketing/promotion of the sale, appropriately staff the sales booth and ensure that the venue is clean after the sale is finished. DIR and the organizers will establish, in advance, the expected return on sales as per the volume of products ordered.  To view samples of DIR products, visit: Our Products
  • Hosting a DIR photo exhibit.  All images (40) shown under Take a Photo Tour  are available for exhibition, in a format of 60 x 40 cm (24 x 20 inches). Individuals or agencies interested in hosting an exhibition should contact the photographer, Marilyn Smith, to discuss details.

When budgets and time make it possible, DIR staff and Board Members will be happy to attend events and speak directly about DIR. When this is not possible, DIR will provide presentation material and coaching for the organizers.

To assist individuals/agencies planning events, DIR will provide electronic files for printing promotional material, the cost of which can be deducted from the sale proceeds.


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